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 Explore the testimonials from Julie Rose's delighted clients. If you've had the pleasure of working with her, feel free to share your own testimonial, thank you.

What our Clients say 

I had a reading with Julie at Rhode Island Comic Con on November 4th and I must say she was spot on. I am a huge skeptic, but wanted to give it a shot. She had who I am, my personality and things l am going through down to a tee. With work and personal life, even down to me being overdoing things in my life. I didn't ask to know anything about the future, instead I asked about family, and she was 100% accurate about all of that as well. She was extremely friendly and pleasant. I am glad I decided to have the reading done and if we cross paths again, I will have another one! Thank you Julie!

Annette Bell

I did a Tarot class with Julie. She is so great. Really amazing energy she has & very excellent on all levels in terms of the instructional class I did with her. Very good insights indeed that i have learned in relation to conducting as good and thorough a Tarot reading as is possible. Cant recommend enough. & myself looking forward to learning even more! Totally the real deal for sure (I have had a lot of readings over time and at this point really do know the real thing when i see it).... & certainly an amazing and truly wonderful Tarot specialist!! Reccomend.

Sean Gibbons

Had the pleasure of visiting with Julie again for my third reading with her on Monday and it's always a pleasure getting some insight from her. She's extremely talented, friendly and welcoming with amazing hospitality. She's been spot on with a bunch of things in my personal life.

She's described to me the job the I currently hold to a T before it happened and she's also been spot on with a friend of mines big life changing out of state move.

Highly recommend Julie to anyone and all of my friends and family.

Taryn Dempsey

Julie and I had a connection the moment that we met. Not only is she amazing at reading cards, but she is also a phenomenal teacher of how to read them as well. Julie gives great tips on how to get to know and establish a connection with your deck. I 100% would recommend Julie and Garden Forever Tarot for all of your psychic, crystal, stone, and metaphysical needs!

Theresa Mariesa

Very positive person to talk always up lifting to speak smiles will brighten up your day very good card reader .. she knows her stuff

Grimlock Stonehammer

Julie Rose was very insightful and such a warm, kindhearted compassionate person. She was lovely talking with and I can't wait for my next reading with her! Bought my friends readings too for birthday presents! No need to look any further once you've got a reading from her! Thank you Julie Rose!!!

Jennifer Gramm

I met Julie at RI Comic Con. She has a great personality, which makes it easier to bond with her. I had her read the cards and I thought it was very thoughtful and uplifting. It was all absolutely great and I would very much recommend you to get your cards read by her.

Joel Coste

Julie is amazing! I had my cards read by her a few weeks ago and everything was so spot on it was like she was inside my head. She really does an amazing job, really great energy. I would absolutely recommend her if you're thinking about getting a reading done and I definitely plan on having another reading in the future. It was totally worth it! :-)

Sam Wiltshire

I highly recommend Julie and her readings. She has a wonderful gift and is tremendously insightful.

Thank you, Julie!!

Rob Stewart

I have the opportunity to work with Julie and have found the experience exhilarating. She is kind and thoughtful when doing a reading and most of all accurate and that is a quality hard to come by.

Kadrolsha Ona Carol

I have taken several classes with Julie and I am always impressed with the amount of passion, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm she brings to each class. From mediumship circles to training your intuition to learning how to work with crystals, Julie’s got you covered. Her insight, research, preparedness shine through in each of her sessions! I highly recommend taking a class with Julie, you’ll enjoy the event

Stephaine Vei

Julie was absolutely amazing! The messages she relayed to me were profoundly enlightening and gave me piece of mind. Absolutely check her out

Brian Montanaro 

I've had a few readings with Julie and she has been on point every time! She's gifted at what she does and takes it very serious.

John DiCenzo

Got my cards read this weekend by Julie, and all I have to say is wow. Had an amazing time. I was skeptical at first as I'm not into any of that stuff but glad I got it done by her, I highly recommend her.

Debra Grace

Had an amazing reading last night. Always a good time when you come over, and you've always been so accurate. The quality in your readings is every time. Can't wait for my next reading

Karra Ann


Hadouken Chaz

My reading with Julie was Amazing! Not only was it incredibly accurate, it was the perfect blend of levity, uplifting energy & professionalism! She has true compassion, empathy & sincerity in her reading...! would HIGHLY recommend! Thank you Julie!

Kimberly Ann Pac

Julie, I can't stress enough how ON POINT you are.

Everyone who I have recommended to go to you absolutely LOVED your readings! Love your energy and love your vibes. I've been going to you since last year and everything is true to word. We also need to stress that Thoughts become things!!!! We are a product of our mind. xoxoxo,

Jennifer Martinez

Julie, thank you so much for last night's reading. It has been a JOY meeting you and sharing such positive energy. I was fascinated by the reading. After 4 pages of note-taking, I was amazed at the encouragement and depth of the messages you shared. Your intuition was dead-on. Despite only knowing me 4 days, you are already a kindred-energy sister. Thank you so much for speaking to my soul and encouraging it to keep on fighting for my dreams. :)

Steve Gamlin

Today I got a reading from the great Julie. She truly is a great and inspiring person. She's always on point and no matter what negative issues that are going on I always come out feeling a little more settled in my feelings and just knowing it's ok to feel how I do and that it's not going to be permanent just helps that much more. She is so caring and wants the best for her clients and will always be honest and upfront. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Bailey Beth 

Had the pleasure of sitting with Julie Rose last night for a reading, and WOW.

Everything l've been striving towards, all of the intuition based decisions l've made this year that were scary and had me asking "is this right??" It's all with purpose, there's no way I'm doubting myself for one more second.

So grateful, I highly recommend checking out her page if you're looking for clarity or insight. She's awesome

Katie Carey

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