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Julie Rose 

 Since childhood, I've been aware of my gift to connect to spirit and to trust my intuition. This realization dawned on me early, and at the age of 15 my older sister introduced me to the enchanting world of tarot cards! I immediately embraced this discovery of the cards! Incorporating tarot into my daily life, great joy came from offering other people psychic tarot card readings. It swiftly evolved into one of my life's passions.

As a Clairvoyant, psychic medium, intuitive empath & natural healer, I've cultivated my skills though diverse experiences working in various psychic shops, doing many events, collaborating & learning from many talented practitioners along the way. Actively engaging in classes, acquiring new skills in the spiritual realm has allowed me to deepen my psychic abilities and forge a stronger connection to spirit.


Now 23 years later it is my full time passion and thriving business. Opening my own business venture " Garden Forever Tarot " since 2014. I am truly thankful to be able to help others through psychic tarot card readings, healings and mediumship. 

I hold certifications as a holistic practitioner, a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki master-teacher with Holy Fire Reiki certification, and a shamanic practitioner trained in Peruvian shamanism.

Beyond my spiritual practices, I am also an artist, I enjoy creating and selling my unique handmade gifts, art, jewelry, orgonite, home grown smudge sticks, mesmerizing handcrafted pendulums, channeled spirit wands, crystals, funky pins & much more! 

While my expertise is in providing psychic readings with tarot cards, I also love offering Peruvian shamanic healings, Reiki healings, crystal healings, teaching, giving mediumship readings and doing events such as the monthly Tarot Gatherings that I host along with another amazing practitioner.


I also have always been deeply connected with the paranormal.  Meeting & working with many remarkable people in the paranormal & psychic field. I've been on many paranormal investigations,  I am still actively involved in doing paranormal investigation and exploring historic places, researching the history and connecting to the land and spirits there. My commitment to learning about the unknown is ongoing, reflection my love for exploration and discovery.

I am equally passionate about gardening and nature. finding solace and healing in the great outdoors. I'm always in my garden, which inspired the name of my business, Garden Forever Tarot. 

Thank you for checking out my Garden Forever Tarot web page! 

Check back for updates & specials events

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