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Discover a variety of unique handmade creations by Julie Rose on this page. You can purchase these one of a kind pieces at upcoming events, and stay tuned for the upcoming online store for convenient merchandise shipping. If something catches your interest, feel free to message me for more details and shipping options tailored to you!



What is Orgonite?


Orgonite is made of different types of organic & inorganic materials combined to attract, cleanse and release energy. Inside each piece of Orgonite is a layered system of many crystals and different types of metals (copper, aluminum, brass, silver flakes, gold flakes) held together with resin. Making a filter for negative energy to change to positive, healthy energy. In the 1930s an Austrian psychoanalyst named Wilhelm Reich developed the "Orgone" Theory. Orgone is a certain type of energy that is always around us. Some call this energy Chi, Prana, Mana & many other names for this life force type of energy. Reich built many different types of orgone devices which gave groundbreaking results. Orgonite comes in many different shapes and sizes.


What does Orgonite do?


Orgonite is used to help filter negative energy that are created from electromagnet devices, known as EMFs & is known to help to protect you from EMFs (cell phones, WIFI, computers, 5G towers & TV are just some of the devices that emit EMFs). Orgonite is a wonderful tool to help enhance all types of spiritual work. It has been known to deepen meditation & raises people's energy to a higher vibrational frequency. As well as strengthens psychic abilities, increases visualizations and protection from psychic vampires. The other benefits from orgonite are known to improved stamina, increased mood, better sleep, vivid dreams & assists in healthy plant growth. Also has ability to help filter out negative emotions & feelings.


Magical Spirit Wands

Each one of these unique wands are hand crafted and infused with powerful & uplifting intentions. The journey of creating these pieces starts out by finding a special fallen branch in nature and then I will whittle the wood, channel some beautiful designs to Woodburn onto it and then I add all the amazing crystals & other pieces. These wands can be used as healing tools, used in reiki, shamanic healings, house clearings, talking sticks & used within meditations.

Below are details & spiritual properties about this specific magical spirit wand.


Wire Wrapped Jewerly 

Discover the heartfelt craftsmanship of our handmade wire wrapped pendants. Each piece is meticulously crafted with intention and care, reflecting a touch of love in every twist and turn of the wire. Join us at our upcoming events to explore our diverse selection of unique pendants. Find the perfect piece that resonates with you and adds a special touch to your style. 


Mini Cosmic Gem Portals

Each portal is crafted with special intention and charged with reiki healing. This one in the photo is the sleep & dreams portal. With its energy of relaxation, dreams enchantment and protection. The crystals I used in this are kyanite, hematite, clear quartz, tourmalinated quartz, blue calcite, druzy quartz, moon stone, aqua aura, jade, labradorite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, amazonite, black moon stone, blue chalcedony.

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