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If you ever wanted to learn how to read tarot cards for yourself, your family and friends this is a great place to start! Julie Rose offers fun, insightful and interactive tarot card classes for beginners and intermediate students.


Tarot 101

You will learn all the basics and the best ways to relay information that you get in the cards. Learn about the history of the tarot, find out the meanings behind the hidden symbolism within the cards. You will be able to get your own meanings to the cards as well with tips and direction from Julie Rose. She will also show you wonderful tarot card spreads and great ways for practicing tarot every day.Also within each class you will be able to get a mini reading and give a mini reading.

To learn more about the classes and to sign up for a class please contact Julie Rose today for more details

One on one $125.00 for 2 hour Introduction to tarot card reading class.

 ( For in person or online  )


5 or more people in person class

 ( $75 per person )


10 or more people in person class

 ( $55 per person )





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