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The fundamental/primary healing process for clearing heavy & dense energies that are imprinted on our luminous body & chakras. It is the foundation for all Peruvian Shamanic healing sessions. Our luminous body collects energy through life experience, which can cause the chakra’s to become heavy, with dense, dark energy. Over time these imprints can cause stress on the body which causes Dis-ease from past trauma, physical or emotional issues. By using the medicine stones within my Mesa. One would set intentions to work on an issue physical, mental or emotional. The intention of this healing is to clear the dense energy with connecting to core issues, then shifting it with breath work, sound, visualizations, movement.

Other shamanic services that can be provided are cord cutting, soul retrieval, extraction work, clearing ancestral lines, decoupling.

For additional details about shamanic healings or to schedule a healing  please contact Julie Rose via email or phone. 

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